Offering a strong academic program, our Brookwood students continue to be recognized for their academic achievements. Brookwood has many programs of interest and choice. For example, we offer a Student Leadership Team, as well as a choir and Spirit Team. We have several programs serving the needs of students with mild and moderate learning needs.

Quotes From Parents

Brookwood School offers a well rounded educational experience. As a parent I feel confident that my children are receiving the academic education they require, however, I am thankful that the staff offer extra programs as well. Some of these programs include the drama club, choir, spirit team and running club, which my children look forward to and enjoy very much. They also have the opportunity to see cultural productions that they may not have the chance to see otherwise.” 
- School Council Vice-Chair (09-10)

“The staff at Brookwood School is very committed to our students. This is shown daily in the classroom as well as with all of the extracurricular programs the dedicated staff offer the students. Our children look forward to a new experience every time they enter the doors at Brookwood School.” 
- School Council Chair (09-10)



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Art Club

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