Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Athletic Staff

Photo of Aman B

Mr. Aman B

placeholder image for Rachel Fawcett

Rachel Fawcett



Photo of Clark Gable

Mr. Clark Gable


Phone: ext. 215

Photo of Cary Grant

Mr. Cary Grant

Outdoor Education

Photo of Tony Curtis

Mr. Tony Curtis

Grade 6

Our Elementary Teachers

Photo of Tony Curtis

Mr. Tony Curtis

Grade 6

Photo of James Dean

Mr. James Dean

Grade 4

Photo of Grace Kelly

Mrs. Grace Kelly

Grade 5

Photo of Susan Lohan

Miss Susan Lohan

Grade 3

Photo of Kim Novak

Miss Kim Novak

Grade 2

Photo of Joe Smith

Dr. Joe Smith

Assistant Principal

Photo of Gloria Staples

Miss Gloria Staples

Elementary French

Phone: (555) 123-4567

Our High School Teachers

Photo of Cary Grant

Mr. Cary Grant

Outdoor Education

Photo of Gregory Redman

Mr. Gregory Redman


Photo of James Stewart

Mr. James Stewart


Photo of Jayne Mansfield

Mrs. Jayne Mansfield

Grade 8

Photo of Jeff Johanssen

Mr. Jeff Johanssen

Grade 7

Photo of Natalie Wood

Mrs. Natalie Wood


Photo of Pamela Henderson

Miss Pamela Henderson


Photo of Rock Hudson

Mr. Rock Hudson

Shop Teacher

placeholder image for Ruby Dee

Ms. Ruby Dee

Assistant Principal

Phone: 7804851230

Photo of Tony Curtis

Mr. Tony Curtis


Photo of Tyrone Power

Dr. Tyrone Power

Phys. Ed.


Photo of Dorothy Dandridge

Mrs. Dorothy Dandridge

Art Teacher

Photo of Rachel Fawcett

Rachel Fawcett

Basketball Coach

Phone: 780-368-6425

Support Staff

Photo of Andrew Saunders

Andrew Saunders

Library Tech

Educational Assistants

placeholder image for Thomas Hanson

Mr. Thomas Hanson

Photo of Kent Langley

Dr. Kent Langley

Photo of Test Teacher

Dr. Test Teacher


Photo of Andrew Rutten

Mr. Andrew Rutten

placeholder image for Michelle Blake

Mrs. Michelle Blake

Photo of Dawn Smith

Mrs. Dawn Smith

Photo of Frank Rooseveltman

Mr. Frank Rooseveltman


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