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Hot Lunch Program

Brookwood School’s hot lunch program is an optional lunch program for our students which is served on average twice per month from October to May. Hot lunch is served on Fridays, however there may be a few other days depending on the particular calendar year.

Order forms go home in September and then again in January. Parents have the option of purchasing any number of lunches for their children. The cost for hot lunch is generally between $4 and $5.

Each lunch has a pre-set menu and the food is brought in from local restaurants (Dairy Queen, Elizabethan Catering, Subway, to name a few). Each lunch consists of a main food item, a healthy snack and a dessert. We do not provide a drink with our hot lunch, as milk is available through our Club Moo program that runs twice per week. 

The hot lunch program is not necessarily intended to be a ‘healthy’ lunch, but more of a treat - something the students would not normally have on a daily basis. Foods have included cheeseburgers, subs, chicken strips and hot dogs, however, it is up to the hot lunch coordinator to decide what items are placed on the menu.  

The meals are delivered to classrooms by a dedicated group of volunteers. If you are interested in helping with this program, please complete the Volunteer Recruitment form, also available at the office.