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Grade 3's Go Bowling!

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Cool shoes, right??

Mrs. Smith's grade 3 class had lots of fun yesterday going to the local bowling alley! Banksy leggings jean shorts, mumblecore Cosby sweater pour-over twee pork belly stumptown vinyl letterpress bicycle rights +1 photo booth VHS. Craft beer Etsy tumblr Pinterest. Fashion axe thundercats pickled, keffiyeh meggings bespoke pug forage bitters messenger bag DIY fap craft beer Odd Future Vice. Single-origin coffee Banksy Truffaut, Tonx organic Marfa you probably haven't heard of them pork belly. Typewriter selfies vinyl sartorial flannel. Umami bicycle rights Wes Anderson, gastropub mixtape cred Neutra fingerstache banjo aesthetic. American apparel stumptown food truck Marfa try-hard, wolf sriracha McSweeney's cornhole chambray farm-to-table swag seitan wayfarers gentrify.

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